Welcome, and Why I Created a New Blog

Welcome! I’m glad you stopped by! My name is Margaret; I’m the author and creator of this blog.

This is not my first blog; I created another blog called Backyard Missionary, which some of you may be familiar with. I made the executive decision to delete Backyard Missionary and start this blog to make my voice heard.

Here are some reasons I made this decision:

  1. Time

    As many of you know, I started at a new University this fall, which left me with little free time. It was an exhausting first semester as well. I knew I wanted to blog, but I needed blog writing that could be done in a very small amount of time. Many of my posts at Backyard Missionary required time-intensive research. Because this blog will serve more as a journal, it won’t require as much of my time.

  2. My Needs

    Since I started my first blog, my needs have changed. I still have a strong passion    for social justice, but I also have a longing to make my voice heard about a variety of issues, not just social justice. Since August, many things have happened around the country: three hurricanes, the Las Vegas shooting, the Sutherland Springs church shooting, and the Harvey Weinstein scandal, among others. I wished I would’ve had a platform to speak out. That’s what I hope this blog will be for me: a platform to speak out.

  3. Practice

    As I mentioned in my “About” page, I’m an English major. I want to find a career where I can write. The only way I can get better at writing is by practicing. I hope to take the writing techniques I learn in school and apply them to my writing here.

I will post some of my original blog posts from Backyard Missionary here before taking it down.

Now that you know my reasons for creating this blog, feel free to have a look around.


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