Count Your Accomplishments

The other day, I was overwhelmed with the sheer amount of stuff I still had to do: academic responsibilities, finding a summer job/internship, and finding a roommate for next year. Not only that, I also need to make sure I take care of myself so I don’t get sick, and I can keep my anxiety in check.

It’s a delicate balance sometimes.

I told my mom about this, and she reminded me that I’ve done things to move towards these goals. She helped me realize that I have a tendency to discount the work that I’ve put in.

To me, this seems like something that’s more or less true for people who have anxiety disorders. Our anxiety tells us many lies, one of the biggest being that our little accomplishments don’t matter.

Here’s the thing, though. Little accomplishments add up over time; Little accomplishments lead to accomplishing big goals. These big goals could be buying a house, getting a promotion at work, or graduating college.

Here’s another thing: sometimes people may say, either implicitly or explicitly, that your little accomplishments don’t matter, that it’s only the big ones that matter. These people are wrong. When you have an anxiety disorder, you have to celebrate every accomplishment, no matter how small. Just because your accomplishments seem small to other people doesn’t mean you have to discount them too. They’re your accomplishments, and they are worthy of being celebrated.

My mom suggested I make a list of my small accomplishments, so here they are:


  • I’m registered for classes.
  • I’ve paid for tuition.
  • I’ve purchased all of my textbooks.

Summer Job/Internship:

  • I’m almost done revising my resume.
  • I’ve started to spread the word about how I’m looking for a summer job/internship.
  • I’ve sent off writing samples to one lead.
  • I sent an email to an organization that I’ve volunteered for to see what summer jobs/internships they have.


  • I asked one of the leaders of my school’s Catholic group to see if she knew anyone in need of one.
  • I joined my school’s Catholic group Facebook page, since many people post roommate requests there.

Today, I want you to celebrate your small accomplishments. Make a list. See how many steps you’ve made towards your larger goals. You may be surprised at how close you are to them. If you would like, when you’re done, post your list in the comments below, or comment on the Facebook post.

Remember that your small accomplishments matter just as much as your big accomplishments do. Don’t sell yourself short; those baby steps will get you to your goals.


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