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New Series: How I Cope

When you’re first diagnosed with an anxiety disorder, you’re filled with a lot of questions. One of the biggest questions people often have is “how do I cope?” It’s a fair question, given that people with anxiety disorders suffer from intense anxiety and stress, especially when they’re first diagnosed.

When I was first diagnosed with my anxiety disorder, I had absolutely no idea how to cope. I felt completely and utterly powerless against my disorder. 

Since learning how to cope with my disorder, the tables have turned. I now have power over my disorder, instead of the other way around. I still have a bad day every once in a while, but I have far more good days than bad days.

With my first series, I want to share my ways of coping. I’ll also share how I came across these ways of coping, what effect these ways of coping have on my anxiety, and how to incorporate these ways of coping into your self-care routine.

Each week, I’ll be covering one of the topics on this list:

Ways I Cope:

  • Exercise
  • Knitting
  • Writing
  • Reading

The first post about Exercise will be coming soon, so stay tuned!


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