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Never Be Ashamed of Who You Are


It’s such a powerful feeling. It can remove your pride and self-esteem in a flash. It can make you feel like you’re two inches tall. It can make you feel embarrassed, or even humiliated, because of things you can’t control. And if you’re shamed often enough by the right number of people, eventually, you start to believe it.

The reason I’m bringing up shame is this: too often, people who have mental illnesses get shamed for something that can’t be helped. Nearly all of us has been shamed at one point or another; today, I wanted to reach out and give encouragement to anyone who feels ashamed of themself because of their mental illness.

To those who feel shame because of their mental illness, I see you. I see how you’re embarrassed, but you’re trying not to show it. I see the tears in your eyes that refuse to fall. I see how you wilt each and every time someone shames you because of your mental illness. I see how you hate yourself because of your mental illness; I see you wishing that this illness would go away. I see how misunderstood you are.

But at the same time, I see you.

I see you getting yourself out of bed every single day, even when it feels impossible. I see you fighting through your triggers, your stresses, and your fears. I see how you tirelessly advocate for yourself, persisting even when people refuse to help you. I see the way you fight for the life you want.

The world will always shame you for something, whether it’s because of your illness, your religion, your gender, your wealth (or lack thereof), your sexuality, your race, or whatever characteristic society uses to divide us. The world’s always going to try and shame you for who you are.

You can’t let that happen, though.

You’ve got to keep on being you because there’s only one you. There’s only one person in the world that has your kindness, your courage, your strength, your spark. There’s only one person who loves like you do.

The world needs people like you; don’t deny the world your true self. If you deny the world your true self, the world’s going to end up hurting you.

If people really love you and care about you, they will accept you exactly as you are. You won’t need to change yourself or prove yourself to the right people. And if anyone tries to shame you for things that you can’t help, it’s your right to cut them out of your life.

You’re an incredible person with infinite value. Treat yourself that way. Hold yourself up tall and know that you are loved, you are adored, and you are cherished, just the way you are.

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